Comscore’s India Internet Report – Internet penetration at 3% only!

Comscore has released the Indian internet statistics and here are the key findings:

  • Indian Internet population stands at 22 million
  • The Internet penetration in India is only 3%!
  • Yahoo! sites lead the pack with 14 million unique visitors in April 2007
  • Google’s network has grown 16 per cent between November 2006 and April 2007
  • Microsoft has 10.3 million unique visitors in April 2007, while has 7.2 million unique visitors
  • Time Warner network (i.e. AOL + HBO + Cartoon network etc) showed a sharp spike of 71.8 per cent to 4 million unique visitors between November and December 2006
  • In terms of engagement, Yahoo’s reach is 64 per cent while Google’s is 62 per cent
  • Google scores higher in terms of the time spent by visitors on its networks, at almost 4.5 hours per visitor for April 2007, while Y! is at 4.2 hrs.
  • On the Microsoft and networks, the time spent per unique visitor in April 2007 is 1.6 hours and 1.4 hours respectively
  • In terms of the most visited categories of websites by Indian audiences, ‘Corporate Presence’ websites score the highest with a reach of 73 per cent (for April 2007)
  • Search as an activity has gone up by 11 per cent over the six-month period under study, with 14 million users
  • Google search predictably leads with almost 12 million users, though Yahoo! search has grown faster than Google during the said period, at about 16 per cent

To summarize –

  • Y! is leading the way, but Google is getting traction in the market.
  • Bollywood still rules the Indian world (Entertainment’ websites, comprising mainly movies and music, have a reach of 52 per cent)
  • Does “Corporate presence” sites mean Indians are checking out corporate sites for job search?
  • Govt. site stands at number 9 (has engagement level of 23 minutes per visitor). which basically means Indians are expecting more online/e-gov initiatives from the govt.

Comscore has also released APAC region (which accounts for 1/3rd of World’s Online Population) Internet data and here is a quick summary:

  • South Korea has the highest Internet penetration (65%), while India is at the lowest end (3%)
  • Yahoo! sites are most popular in the region (but as expected, Google isn’t too far)
  • China clearly has the largest online population with 91.5 million people
  • South Korea has the most active online population, using the Internet an average of 17.4 days per person
  • Indians spend close to 14.7 hours per month (per person).

Source: agencyfaqs (download the report), comscore

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