Digital Roundup: BBC Condom Ringtone campaign,IndiaTimes launches Digg like site..and more

BBC World service has launched ‘condom a cappella’ ad campaign that is part of a two year project using mass media to make condoms more generally acceptable.

The strategy is to show social support for condoms, as this has a positive effect on use, and position condoms as a product that men use to show they are responsible and care about themselves and their families. The creative idea of the ringtone winning approval from men and women of all ages reinforces that condoms mean good sense and those who know it are the real winners in life! [source]

The project is funded by Bill Gates foundation. Visit BBC’s site (download). Listen to the ad (nsfw sorta- not sure how many people would love to have a ringtone like this!)

IndiaTimes has revamped it’s site (the new version looks very cluttered) and has launched HotKlix, a Digg-styled aggregator of all “hot” stuff (i.e. you will see Sherlyn Chopra’s bikini videos etc) (via). The portal has also integrated it’s social network, iTimes and Virgin Radio (which it acquired few months back).


Radiocity has launched a social networking site called PlanetRadioCity and has allocated 20% of its budget for the portal (via).

The idea is to engage listeners across media and also to monetize using other means as well, for e.g. iTunes and music downloads.

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NDTV Lumière partners with

NDTV Lumière, an NDTV Imagine channel that will showcase contemporary cinema in India and other SAARC countries, has extended its reach through the Internet. It has tied up with the US based entertainment portal,, to offer movies for download or real-time streaming [source]

NDTV Lumière also plans to offer DVD versions of movies. Initially, NDTV Lumière is offering 30 movies, which will be available at $2 per movie download for seven days to viewers in the SAARC nations, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

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