So how many condoms did Snapdeal Sell During Valentine’s day?

This year, Snapdeal did a ‘Buy Condom for Re 1’ campaign during Valentine’s day and we asked the team to share the data post the campaign, in order to understand the impact (as quite a few folks were wondering what’s the real impact of such campaigns).

The company sold over 1 lakh unit of condoms in a single day on 14-Feb and apart from the fact that Snapdeal and Durex were trending topics on Twitter (on V-day), the site recorded highest number of visitors in a single day and the email click through rate went up the roof by 40% (across all the cities).


Apart from the online buzz, they also generated buzz in mainstream media leading to ‘free marketing’, though I am hoping that it wasn’t a negative margin campaign (as they partnered with Durex and got them a lot of branding as well shluld have been moneti$ed as part of the deal).

What’s your take? Time to build a “buy condoms’ ecommerce store? forum discussion: How good is the deal? Condoms @ Re1 by snapdeal.

Few days back, Paytm too did a similar campaign (sold Rs. 100 voucher for Rs. 50) and the site recorded highest traffic plus cracked 50,000 orders in a day, though important to keep in mind that it was a negative margin campaign.

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