Confused by privacy policies? Let this AI read them for you.

Privacy policies are documents that are extremely important and yet most people are fine with breezing past them – largely due to the complicated jargon involved and legal intricacies that aren’t easy to process.

But with growing privacy concerns around the world, the privacy policy of any product needs to be looked at closely. A new policy-reading AI wants to help you out with that. Guard is a ‘recurrent neural network’ based app that reads and analyzes privacy policies.

It currently cannot examine policies on demand, however it has already analyzed and graded the policies of some of the most popular products in the world, such as Instagram, Netflix, Tinder, Twitter etc.

Guard identifies and lists the threats, the privacy scandals the product has been involved in and also provides a score to the product. The app also allows users to ‘train’ itself by participating in a game in which users select ‘most privacy friendly’ privacy options of two shown at a time.

The app is built by Javi Rameerez, a developer who built the app as part of his thesis on AI and natural language processing.

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