TRAI has released PoI (Point of Interconnection) report for Jan – Mar quarter and Airtel tops the list of most congested network.

The benchmark notified by TRAI in the QoS Regulation of July 2005 for this parameter is <0.5% – this means that out of 200 calls between two operators only one call should face congestion problem.

Amongst the private service providers, Bharti Airtel has the largest number of POIs having Congestion (83 POIs as of March ’08) followed by Dishnet Wireless (44 POIs as of March ’08), Vodafone (43 POIs of March ’08), Reliance Communications (41 POIs), Idea (34 POIs), Tata Teleservices (10 PoIs) .

The Circles/ States more affected due to POI congestion are Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, North East, Haryana and West Bengal.

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