Rahul Gandhi’s audio polls 2.4 Lac Congress workers to decide CM in 3 states : The new Congress driven by tech!

Politics is not going to be same ever again.

When the booth level worker knows the true reality and was ignored by the fiefdom run by top politicians, always squabbling over one-upmanship; the technology in it’s current avatar of ML is now going to make him the most powerful man in the political party. The way it should have been.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has gone to the grass-roots to select Chief Ministers for Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The process is democratic, and works like a secret ballot.Over the last 24 hours, an audio message from Mr Gandhi has gone to 2.4 lakh party workers across the three states, in which they have been asked to respond, indicating their choice, and promised complete confidentiality.

The message from Rahul Gandhi says, “Now I want to ask you a vital question: Who should be the chief minister? Please mention just one name. I’m the only person who would know whom you are naming. No one in the party will know. Please speak after the beep.” (source)

The days of infighting, horse trading and bitter rivalry within the same party would not go away all together immediately, but technology is going to clean the entire political system a lot.

This is the second such endeavor by Indian National Congress leadership of using modern technology in order to reach the last of the party workers. Just a few days back, Congress reached out to hear the views of it’s Telangana workers using Aritificial Intelligence in the same manner.

The most common complaint of party workers that top leadership never listen to their view point and acts arbitrarily in the interest of few top politicians would wane away soon.

Politics always made strange bed-fellows, but now it’s time for “Survival Of The Fittest”.

“This is what we were waiting for. It is the new Congress, Listen to your workers first.”

Corporate India should take a cue from Indian National Congress ! This would be first ever when politicians taught something useful to businessmen, on how to conduct their business.

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