The Congress party has just released its election manifesto. Interestingly, there is significant emphasis on the use of Information and Communication Technology to drive inclusive growth.
Here’s a quick look at what the party is promising ahead of the 2014 general elections. Comments in [bracket] ours:
  1. INC will ensure that all Indian residents have a unique Aadhaar number. It can be used as proof of identity and proof as residence.  [Aadhaar will need all the help it can get. Right now, its future looks bleak.]
  2. The INC is committed to using the Aapka Paisa Apka Haath platform for direct benefit transfers. [The scheme was kicked off in 2012, can we have something new?]
  3. To increase spend on Science and Technology to at least 2% of GDP. [That is pretty cool, given that we allocated only over $1 bn last year]
  4. Will connect 2.5 lakh panchayats with high-speed broadband in 18 months. [What, are we not done with that already? It was promised in 2009!]
  5. To pass Electronic Delivery of Service Bill 2011 (for e-governance). [Alright, can we also have the anti-corruption bill soon?]
  6. Will deploy multi-protocol wireless communication system; interoperable across all services engaged in disaster management. 
  7. Effective implementation of the India Inclusive Innovation Fund. [Please let professionals and credible entrepreneurs run it.]
  8. Tax incentives for manufacturing IT products. [Can’t wait to see prices coming down!]

Here’s the complete manifesto (pdf).

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