Congress Election Manifesto Backs Aadhaar; Tax Incentives for Domestic IT Manufacturing

The Congress party has just released its election manifesto. Interestingly, there is significant emphasis on the use of Information and Communication Technology to drive inclusive growth.
Congress Manifesto
Here’s a quick look at what the party is promising ahead of the 2014 general elections. Comments in [bracket] ours:
  1. INC will ensure that all Indian residents have a unique Aadhaar number. It can be used as proof of identity and proof as residence.  [Aadhaar will need all the help it can get. Right now, its future looks bleak.]
  2. The INC is committed to using the Aapka Paisa Apka Haath platform for direct benefit transfers. [The scheme was kicked off in 2012, can we have something new?]
  3. To increase spend on Science and Technology to at least 2% of GDP. [That is pretty cool, given that we allocated only over $1 bn last year]
  4. Will connect 2.5 lakh panchayats with high-speed broadband in 18 months. [What, are we not done with that already? It was promised in 2009!]
  5. To pass Electronic Delivery of Service Bill 2011 (for e-governance). [Alright, can we also have the anti-corruption bill soon?]
  6. Will deploy multi-protocol wireless communication system; interoperable across all services engaged in disaster management. 
  7. Effective implementation of the India Inclusive Innovation Fund. [Please let professionals and credible entrepreneurs run it.]
  8. Tax incentives for manufacturing IT products. [Can’t wait to see prices coming down!]

Here’s the complete manifesto (pdf).

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