BrizzTV Brings Datacasting to your Idiot box

Bangalore based startup, BrizzTV enables the digital cable & satellite based TVs (the ones with CAS) to broadcast Internet content directly on TV as a channel (i.e. datacasting), without any need to have Internet connection. All that you need is a direct to home (DTH) TV & knowledge of how to press a remote key to be able to enjoy Internet content on TV.

The team has built an end-to-end digital media platform that connects the Internet with satellite TV system & enables sharing of Internet content directly on TV.  The startup has also developed a patent pending technology that can personalize the data for different TV users, i.e. personalizing content based on user’s taste.

Talking about implementation, BrizzTV has implemented a few services like iExam on Airtel DTH using topbriztv_logo of its platform.

iExam: Competitive Test (AIEEE, CAT etc) Prep Service, iExam enables students to take test prep content from the best brands of their choice directly from their home. It is fully functional equivalent of online test prep service. The service enables people to take an exam, select answer, move back & forth between questions, see exam analytics , in fact his/her rank too.

The company is launching AIEEE test prep with Career Point Kota and as far as product pricing is concerned, the product is highly affordable at Rs 7 per day.

The key USP of BrizzTV is that you do not need to run to a cybercafe or buy a PC (which a lot of Indians are anyway not buying) – but your idiot box, i.e. TV (which everybody has) can double up as an application marketplace enabling you access content which you need.

What’s really cool about BrizzTV is the focus on providing relevant content (i.e. test prep exams which DTH providers will also promote to increase the overall ARPU) . On top of that, the team claims that scale of exams they can host by virtue of being on a satellite based system will any day dwarf the best test prep companies. As per Amarendar Sahu, the cofounder of BrizzTV, “they can practically host exams that can be simultaneously taken by all customers of Airtel DTH. It is just like a TV channel – it reaches everyone. “

What’s the difference with IPTV, if you are wondering? Well, you do not need to buy any hardware or any other equipment and essentially, if you can use a TV remote – you are good to go with BrizzTV.

Aside, the IIM Bangalore incubated startup has recently raised funding from Ojas Ventures.

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