iTwin Connects Two Computers Wirelessly [File Sharing Redefined]

iTwin is a Singapore based startup that has reinvented the USB drive and won’t be wrong to say that the product takes file sharing to the next level. Essentially, the device connects two PCs/laptops around the globe (over the cloud). All you have to do is plug one half of the twin to 1 computer and the other half in the second one, drag/drop the folder you want to share and there you go. The folder is synced between the two computers.

A plug ‘n’ play system, you don’t need to download any software for iTwin and unlike Dropbox, you don’t have to even worry about the storage limit. Your PC is the storage drive and let me tell you that team used the iTwin product quite effectively during UnPluggd event (for syncing PPTs/documents between employees in Pune and Bangalore locations).

What about data privacy?

Recently, there was a big hue and cry over Dropbox’s privacy policy which stated that Dropbox claims ownership of data (an issue which Dropbox managed to solve, though with few heart burns). iTwin takes a radically different approach vis-a-vis Dropbox and securely connects 2 PCs ensuring that data is synchronized. That is, there is no storage of data on iTwin server. As far as collaboration is concerned, you can edit files in any one of the PCs and the same will be synced, that is providing a 100% replica of the current view.

The device costs $104 and is available for both Windows and Mac OS.


Here is a short QnA with Akash Nemani, founding team member of iTwin. What is the target segment you are running after?

Akash Nemani: The current target segment are individuals who work from home and office or people who travel a lot and need a secure way to access their work or personal files. We will launch the multi iTwin next month which will enable multiple people sharing the files thus targeting SMEs and SOHO businesses. What is a typical use case you are trying to solve? If its a 1:1 sharing, one can even use Dropbox for the same?

Akash Nemani: Its 1 : 1 file sharing and 1:1 file access. We provide a much secure way to do so by connecting two computers. We do not restrict the amount of files to be shared and you do not need to upload the files to the cloud server. iTwin is more of a platform to connect computers securely and we are looking at developing applications on top of the iTwin platform. File sharing is the first application we developed. Now we will be moving into remote desktop as well.itwin2 Future plans?

Akash Nemani: iTwin Multi in coming months to enable file sharing with multiple people. Remote desktop access is on the works. Android support by next year.

What’s your take on iTwin’s approach to connecting computers wirelessly?  Aren’t they competing with too many players in file sharing/collaboration space? That too with an entry barrier of usage, i.e. the USB?

Aside, the Singapore based company is looking for distributors in India and they can contact Akash Nemani ( for distributorship inquiries.

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