Connecting the dots for insights with Design Thinking

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Connecting the dots for insights with Design Thinking

Deepa Bachu, the CEO and Cofounder of Pensaar spoke at the ProductGeeks Conference 2018 on the design thinking process that has enabled her to work with the leading firms of the day.

In this part of her talk, Deepa speaks about the ‘Insight’ stage of her design thinking process -part of 4 non-linear stages – discover, insight, dream, disrupt (which you can read more about here).


Key takeaways:

a. Look for non-obvious patterns.

Deepa mentions in her talk that her firm has ‘Warrooms’ where the walls are plastered with research info, quotes from customers, notes, artefacts and so on to help ‘connect the dots’ i.e discover connections in the entire ecosystem within which the customer works that may not be visible to the naked eye of research.

For many startups or small teams that won’t have the luxury of time and space to do such a thing, a digital equivalent of the same on something like Pinterest should work.

b. Connecting the dots.

Deepa provides an example in her talk of her experience with building a financial solution. The bills section of the program would be ordered by date due, which would seem the most logical way of doing it. All other research pointed to the same. However, abandonment was high and a large number of customers simply weren’t engaging with it.

Upon inquiry, the team discovered that it wasn’t the nearest bills due that seemed most pressing to users but the ones that had the highest negative impact on their financial situation. Therefore, an outstanding credit card bill from a month ago should show up above a much more minor bill that the user perhaps isn’t too worried about.

What this tells us is that while we can have multiple channels of research, or ‘dots’, it is the act of connecting them to have the ‘aha’ moments which  give you actionable insight.

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