That One Thing (Successful) Consumer Internet Startup Founders Do.

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That One Thing (Successful) Consumer Internet Startup Founders Do.

Consumer Experience : Create Right Chemisty
Consumer Startup? Create Right Chemistry

Successful Consumer tech founders do what unsuccessful ones don’t – They stay out of startup rat race.  They stay out of cozy discussions around MVP/GTM etc etc. They figure out a consumer connect without going through any layer of gyaan from startup babas. In most of the cases, they even skip the ‘early adopter’ route, because the early adopters do NOT fall in their target customer segment.

They reach out to consumers FAST. They skip the early adopter route.

There is a huge difference between a consumer mindset and the way, a geeky/early adopter evaluates a product. Consumers look at product as a utility/ as a tool that will help them with <insert value proposition>.  They ask : Is this useful? Am I going to share this with my friends?

Early adopters are more often NOT the real consumers / the real target segment and tend to look at product from a well defined framework (how is the interface? will this scale?).

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While there is definitely a merit in collecting feedback from early adopter and startup community, there is a high probability that you might get stuck in a loop (getFeedback->Triage->Fix->AskForFeedback->getFeedback->Triage->).

And the best part? You won’t mind the loop. Seeing your kid improve day by day makes you a happy parent, but in the entire process you lose connect with the ‘REAL’ users, the ones product should appeal to. The ones who do NOT mind a crappy looking product, but helps them solve a pain .

And by the time you realise this, it’s too late to fix. Too late to go to investors and convince little traction.

Succesful founders of consumer Internet companies know this.

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