Friday Is When Consumer Is Most Engaged With The Phone [Report]

The smartphone has become the dominant tool when it comes to accessing a consumer’s mind and wallet, and there’s a war being waged for who gets the biggest chunk of their money.
However, when it comes to brands, it’s often easy to overshoot budgets in the race to be more visible than your rivals, resulting in weak ROI.
Below are a few insights that could help brands better manage their advertising spend:

  • Consumer engagement is highest on a Friday evening and on weekends across all industry verticals. It simply means that the best time of the week to run ad campaigns is during the weekends (related: Which Is The Best Day Of The Week To Run App Promotions?).
  • Engagement rates are high during the morning, remain low during the afternoon before peaking during the evening. The best time of the day to target consumers, therefore, is before they get to work and after they get out.
  • Users are most likely to click on ads while playing games, using social networks or consuming content related to entertainment or food & drink. Advertisers should target these avenues in order to maximize engagement as well as revenues.
  • Video, native and rich media ads have seen a phenomenal rise in engagement recently while native ads worked best for Health & Fitness, Finance, Social Media, Apparel & Fashion, and Travel verticals.

While all major industries are engaging in advertising (especially on mobile), there are a few verticals who’s ads perform better than the rest.

  • Entertainment ads fetched the most money, followed by CPG and Telecom verticals.
  • Food & Drink, Social Media, Retail, Technology, Telecom and Travel were the fastest growing verticals in terms of ad spending.
  • The Travel, Social Media, and Retail verticals led the way with the highest CTRs (Click Through Rates).

The above trends have been taken from InMobi’s Brands on Mobile: Advertising Trends report which looks to offer advertisers insights on how to spend their advertising dollars.

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