Consumers Saved Rs 42 Crore in August 2012 by buying gadgets online [VC money?]

A study by online marketplace says that consumers saved about Rs 42 cr in August 2012 by buying gadgets online from the top 15 e-commerce players in India. Thanks to all the VC money, online shops are perhaps selling all that inventory to us cheaper than they can afford to. The study indicates that consumers are buying mobile phones online at almost factory price. estimates that about Rs 280 crore of electronic gadgets were sold online through the top 15 e-commerce portals in India in August 2012. The study analysed top 2,400 products sold through these 15 portals between July 15 and August 31 and used a range of automated techniques*.

The study says that it validated the findings of this study by going through the gadget prices given by, Amazon’s price comparison site in India. also validated the study by comparing the savings against the maximum retail price (MRP) and minimum operating price (MOP).

Key findings of the Gadget E-commerce study

  • Consumers saved about Rs.42 crore in the month of August 2012 by buying mobiles, laptops and other electronic gadgets from the top 15 e-commerce players.
  • Consumers are saving 11-15% on e-commerce sites, when compared to buying at offline stores.
  • For feature phones e-commerce companies offer heavy discounts of 50-60% on the actual MRP. Whereas, the offline retailers offer only about 5-8% discount on the actual MRP.
  • Consumers save 15-20% on buying Smartphones online.
  • Consumers look for bank-specific or product-specific coupon codes to save additional money on buying gadgets online.

What’s your take on the pricing strategy used by online players? Do Indians buy online because of price difference?

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*Now we are not sure what this “range of automated” techniques are so chew the data with a pinch of salt.

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