And While You Are Hogging On Discounts, Please Thank These Fellas [Festive Season]

Every consumer Internet/Mobile company is offering discounts this festive season. And we are not just Ecommerce stores, but every consumer tech company (be it travel to classifieds) is offering great discounts.

Raining Offers  & Discounts
Raining Offers & Discounts

And while you hog on these discounts, do take a moment to thank the ones who made this possible.

Their Investors.

The NextBigWhat data team looked at several consumer Internet/logistics companies, the offers and here is the leaderboard.

The Number 1 spot is led by Tiger – which is among the largest pie owner in Indian ecommerce businesses (5). And ofcourse, followed by their partners in crime – Accel Partners. Both Helion and Accel stand at Number 2 with 4 investments, followed by IDG, Kalaari, SAIF Partners, Sequoia Capital and Temasek who collectively hold the #3 spot.

So this festive season, thank these investors. They are the ones who made these incredible disounts possible – they are your real ‘santa!

Enjoy till it lasts! 🙂

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Wishing you a happy festive season!
Team NextBigWhat.

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