Biggest Consumer Technology Trends In India During 2014

India is one among the hottest markets in the consumer technology sector right now, largely due to the fact that it’s a smartphone first society. The rapid pace of development has made for some big falls and some even bigger gains, and here’s a compilation of the five biggest tech trends India witnessed during 2014:

1. Feature Phones Are Dying

Mobile OS Market Share In India (2014)
Feature phone sales in India are shrinking fast, being replaced by cheap Android-powered smartphones. In the above table we see that Android’s share of the mobile OS market in India has grown, while the shares of Nokia’s Series 40 and Samsung’s OS have been continually falling. Apple’s IOS doesn’t even feature as a separate entity in the chart.

2. Android Tabs Are Eating Into iPad Sales, Fast

Tablet OS Market Share In India (2014)
Since January 2014 the share of tablets running Apple’s iOS have dropped by nearly 10% in India, while the share of tablets running Android has grown by nearly 9%. Where’d the rest go? Probably over to Microsoft’s Windows we suppose.

3. More Users Of Windows 7 Than Windows XP

Desktop OS Market Share In India (2014)
Microsoft just recently announced that the global share of PCs running on Windows XP has for the first time fallen below the share of PCs running Windows 7. That’s far from the case in India, with Windows 7 being the preferred desktop OS, and the rise of Windows 8.1 being noticeable.

4. Samsung Beat Apple In Tablet Sales

Tablet Vendor Market Share In India (2014)
Tech giant Samsung may own the smartphone market in India, however, sales of its tablets overtook Apple’s iPads only in November 2014. The other big trend to notice is the drop in ‘Unknown’ (unbranded devices from China and Taiwan) tablet sales, probably in favour of cheaper Android tablets.

5. Sony Dominates India’s Gaming Console Market

Gaming Console Market Share In India (2014)
Sony is the undisputed king of the gaming console market in India with about 85% share of the market. Microsoft did hit a peak market share of 15% back in May 2014, but since then has lingered near the 10% mark. Nintendo is steadily losing share to the other two.
The above data is taken from StatCounter, and though may not be completely accurate, they do reflect the trends in the Indian technology sector.

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