Consumers willing to pay for online content? [Report]

Nielsen recently conducted a global survey of more than 27,000 consumers in 54 countries to examine attitudes about paying for online content and to determine which content types consumers were most willing to support financially.

The survey has interesting findings – consumers are willing to pay for ‘perceived’ quality. Music, movies, games and professionally produced video are preferred over podcasts, blogs or consumer generated video.

This validates the notion that consumers globally still place more value on content produced by “professionals” than by other consumers.  Likewise, they are more inclined to spend money on what they already pay for, rather than on what they currently get for free.- Neilsen

Consumers will pay for Professional' Content?
Consumers will pay for Professional' Content?

Also, 55% of respondents from Asia Pacific are open to ‘more’ advertising, as opposed to just 40% of North America respondents and 39% of European respondents.
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