Noida-based Startup Oogwave Wants to Pip Box and Asana

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Noida-based Startup Oogwave Wants to Pip Box and Asana

Oogwave, a startup based out of Noida is looking to make office e-mails and multiple methods of communication a thing of the past. Founded by 2 IIT Roorkee graduates, Oogwave is a cloud-based content collaboration software that is primarily aimed at SMBs.

How Does Oogwave Work?


Oogwave can be used by single of multiple teams in a given organisation. While team activity is private, Oogwave allows users to track different topics being discussed in the team.

Users can choose between two types of accounts of Oogwave – a company account and a team account. The company account allows anyone with the company’s user ID to join the team. This also allows extension of invites to people outside of the company domain as well.

The team account on the other hand, uses personal e-mail IDs of any domain name to create workgroups. Each group also apps that help in storing, managing and sharing information.

The four features that Oogwave’s users have access to are – task plans, files, discussions and notes.

Users can store files at the folder and sub-folder levels with separate viewing   and control options for each.

Task plans or team tasks allows users to create tasks, assign due dates, attach files and more. It also gives a single platform for discussion to users. In addition to this, users can also add notes which multiple users can comment on and even vote up or down.

Apart from these features, Oogwave also has an integrated chat system, tags that allows users to find multiple information keyed in under a “tag” and also an automatic content suggestion system for users.

Oogwave has 4 types of subscription packages for its users – free, micro, small, medium and large. The service is free for 5 users or less, with a cap on storage at 10 GB. Thereafter it ranges between $29/month for 20 users, and $299/months for 150 users.


Oogwave which was set up in 2011, initially had over 3,500 SMBs using its platform. The usage had dipped between June and November 2013. The company currently has 53% active working accounts, and seek to take this to 65% by March 2014.

The company has 32 customers from India, but none of them are paying customers.

“Customer distribution is global, and majority are from English speaking countries,” says Gaurav Jain, CEO & co-founder at Oogwave.  

He finds Indian companies to be late adopters compared to their global counterparts. There are several similar players in the market who exist today like Asana, and Box.

“Asana though free for 30 users is not our direct competitor, but Podio and Box with freemium model and Basecamp with 60 days trial are clear competition, and there are many more,” Says Gaurav

What Differentiates Oogwave?

Oogwave feels that while Asana is the choice of many for project management, so is Dropbox and box for file storage, Skype for communication and so on.

“Oogwave is for customers looking for an alternative for this fragmented ecosystem. And we see this number increasing with time,” says Gaurav.

The bootstrapped company plans on focusing on non-tech SMBs with an employee strength of 10-300 going forward. In addition, the company also developing a mobile strategy in the months to come.

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