Content Marketing Goals: 15 Ways to Set, Track, Measure Your Efforts

Content marketing is now a domain that has as many metrics as some of the other more numerically-oriented domains. For any company that is serious about its content marketing, it is necessary to be able to track the performance of their content. But what about goals?  What should a content marketer be aiming for? Is it merely driving leads?

In this article by Elsie Dopson at Databox, she provides a thorough list of the goals of content marketing as defined by a survey of close to 200 marketers. While some of them might seem obvious, it is worth noting the importance of having a holistic list like this to help you know what you’re ultimately aiming for.

1. Provide non-salesy value
2. Increase brand awareness
3. Build authority in your industry
4. Engage your target audience
5. Build industry education
6. Drive visitors to your site
7. Generate leads
8. Convert readers
9. Increase revenue
10. Build SEO power
11. Collect strong backlinks
12. Improve keyword rankings
13. Differentiate from competitors
14. Support existing customers
15. Push customers through the sales funnel


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