Contest: 40 free coupons for UnoDNS, a service that lets you access Pandora etc from India [$2,400]

We recently covered UnoDNS, a service that lets you access Hulu, Pandora, Turntable etc. services from India (Actually From Any Non-US Geography) and as we mentioned, we have gold package to giveaway for free. unpluggd_small

At the core, UnoDNS service flattens the world and connects us with some of the great global products/content out there (like Spotify/Pandora/Turntable etc) – so why don’t we base our contest on similar ground?

Given that UnPluggd is a few weeks from now and the focus has always been on enabling connections, showcasing great products, so here is what you have to do :

Follow @pluggdin on Twitter and think on these lines, UnoDNS: Pandora : : UnPluggd : ?

That is, if UnoDNS service connects you to Pandora (or similar services which are inaccessible otherwise), what does UnPluggd connects you to (which are inaccessible otherwise)? Great insights? Entrepreneurs? Investors? Partners? To some individual? (for instance, I got connected to @mukundmohan at UnPluggd, the very first edition which we did in 2009!)

So now, it’s your turn!

Tweet Syntax

“UnPluggd = <add here> #unpluggd event:” [ofcourse, without quotes]

The time starts now and we will close the contest tomorrow.

As far as UnoDNS license is concerned, you get a 1 year gold annual package absolutely free (costs $59.95 otherwise) and we have 40 passes to give away! (i.e. ~$2,400 worth of gifts for readers). Please note that the winners will be decided by editorial team.

So go ahead and take your pick!

The contest is over and winners will be DMed with next steps by today EoD (June 14th).


UnPluggd Details:

Date: July 7, 2012.
Venue: Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078.
Contact Details:
Ticketing Link :

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