Contest: Tell us your Favourite VC Rejection Line and Win a pass to UnPluggd

“We are not really sure you can defend the technology” !

Why don’t you get some more customers..and maybe, we will fund you then?”

“We are not really sure you can defend the technology”

“We don’t think this is scalable”

Oh well, VCs reject for so many reasons, but what’s your favorite line*?

Tell us your favorite VC Rejection line and you get to win a pass to UnPluggd. 5 randomly selected winners will get the entry ticket (for free).

Contest Rules

– Contest starts today (June 27th) and ends on June 28th.

– You can participate n number of times.

– You need to follow @pluggdin on Twitter. Winners will be DMed (on June 29th). In total, there will be 10 winners (5/day).

Syntax: “<Rejection line/quote>” #VCSaid

For example. “You can’t build a global product from India” #VCSaid


But for those who want to book your seat right away, hop to our ticketing partner sites (MeraEvents and Ayojak).

UnPluggd: 5th Edition Details

Date: July 7, 2012.
Venue: Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078.
Contact Details: srikanth@pluggd.
Ticketing Link : (you can also pay offline at the venue).

* : Of course, the contest has to be taken in the right spirit of fun and not so seriously by any community!


#VCSaid – hashtag is started by to bring some solace among entrepreneurs who often get rejected for reasons unknown. Ofcourse, this is a fun tag and is not meant to hurt sentiments of any community.

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R u trying to compete with Facebook ? #VCsaidashish bhansali
If you don’t have paying customers or turnover of min. Rs. 10 lakhs – no VC even look at your bios. #VCsaidMukesh Rijhwani
Your business plan is still not defensible. We would like to here from you when you will make this happen. #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgJayesh Kumar
@cnha ecommerce pitch-ur plan doesnt have anything on social commerce, I don’t know what it is, u should include this in the plan #VCsaidashish bhansali
Why do you need a marketing/PR budget? —- Do apple or Google ever advertise. Great products don’t need marketing dollars #VCsaidMukesh Rijhwani
@pluggdin “I have traveled to 52 countries including Antarctica, I think I won’t use your company” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgSankalp Agarwal
"we’re looking for entrepreneurs who are creating new markets and disrupting the status quo" Did you actually read? Lol #VCSaid @pluggdinQuintin Adamis
We don’t invest anything less than $3 million since we’ll have to spend the same time with you as others in the portfolio #VCSaid @pluggdinAnand Jain
"cant invest in ur socks startup, but yes investing in a condom startup. what do u think, will they sell?" #VCSaid @pluggdin #truestoryViren Bhandari
"We can invest half of what you are asking for at your previous round’s valuation" #VCsaid http://unpluggd.orgAloke Bajpai
Do you see that girl. If she is convinced, i will invest in your startup. #VCsaid http://unpluggd.orgkunalkantsen
"we took another look at your deck but we’ve decided to pass because we don’t know about your industry, it’s too new to us"#VCSaid @pluggdinQuintin Adamis
"Yahan apps wapps nahin chalega boss. It only works in Silicon Valley" #VCSaid @unpluggd.orgBrij Singh
You have to change your brand name, logo and domain name. #VCsaid http://unpluggd.orgkunalkantsen
People will never look up eating options on a site before going out. #VCSaid @pluggdin @burrpAnand Jain
"do you think companies like flipkart will buy your startup? if not, then cant invest in ur startup" #VCSaid @pluggdin #truestoryViren Bhandari
Next thing is Big Data. Why don’t you look at that, since your services are similar to that. #VCSaid @pluggdinShun Subramanian
You are a college dropout. How can you sustain a business? #VCSaid #Unpluggd http://unpluggd.orgIshan Vyas
We really like your idea and the team. Lets keep in touch and see how the traction builds. Do keep us posted with the progress #VCSaid @cnhaKulin Shah
"We will invest 100K but we need 51% of the company shares" #VCSaid @pluggdin #truestoryViren Bhandari
@pluggdin In my 1st round, one big #vcsaid to banker: Everyone worth raising fund in this business has already raised. Who is this guy?:)Vss
"CLOUD — How do you intend to make money ? Paisa kaise banaoge ? Paisa kya #CLOUD se barsega ?" #VCSaid @unpluggdGirish Kulkarni
"You’ll get money from many but not the kind of VALUE we can add to your startup" #vcsaid http://unpluggd.orgSagar Bedmutha
A big company is entering the same space, your startup will struggle #VCSaid @pluggdin #FunContest #UnPluggdSantosh Panda
Can you wear full pants in your next presentation? #VCSaid
“It’s beyond our wildest imagination to value your company to X ". #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgkunalkantsen
Your idea is amazing, mind boggling but your organization is very unorganized. #VCSaid #Unpluggd http://unpluggd.orgIshan Vyas
"Penetration is low and can’t avoid high risk, i have to think of (investor) protection " #VCSaid #TrueStoryKris Nair
Anyone can rip your product overnight, how will you make sure you survive? – Thats what #VCSaid @pluggdinShubhs
I am ready to invest but my wife’s – brothers – daughter would join the board. Agree? – Thats what #VCSaid @pluggdinShubhs
"This is NOT interesting. Not in its current form" #vcsaid http://unpluggd.orgashish sinha
The main purpose of this meeting is to decided on the date for next meeting – thats what #VCSaid @pluggdinShubhs
No body ever has done business in your family before. What makes you believe you can do business? thats what #VCSaid @pluggdinShubhs
can you further refine your business plan? Thats what #VCSaid @pluggdinShubhs
We’re in it together #VCSaidSumit Jain
“You have no understanding of business” (My entire family is into business) #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgSandeep Laxman
"Not a great idea. Instead, why don’t you guys join one of our portfolio companies" #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgashish sinha
"We don’t like to fund IITians" #VCSaid #LoserTalk http://unpluggd.orgSandeep Laxman
I’m not the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University to tell you how much you need to invest to get an admission in DU, #VCSaid.Sushovan Chaudhuri
“We’ve experienced rather contrary to your forecasts from our previous venture involvements in same sector” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgPiyush Kant Verma
"why don’t you take a bank loan and when u scale enough then we can invest in your company" #VCSaid @pluggdinViren Bhandari
"What? No one on your team has MBA?" #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgVasanth Sampathkumar
"You don’t have any IIT/IIM guy in your team, how can we trust you" #VCSaid @pluggdin Anand
"I have no idea of this space" #vcsaid @pluggdinJai Anand
What you are doing now has already been done #VCSaid @pluggdin #FunContest #UnPluggdSantosh Panda
#VCSaid @pluggdin #unpluggd You seem to have a good biz. model which you have validated but we don’t really understand it so we’ll passTarun Dua
#VCSaid @pluggdin #unpluggd We r evaluating the marketplace & we’ll choose from amongst the winners but please educate us moreTarun Dua
#VCSaid @pluggdin #unpluggd You’ll need to capture 90% of the current market for us to make moneyTarun Dua
#VCSaid @pluggd #unpluggd We need more data points to discuss with our senior partners in US :-)Tarun Dua
U r working in right direction but currently the ticket size is too small for us. We will definitely interested in later rounds #VCSaidTushar Bhargava
#VCSaid Remember to tell me that is b . s . — Croft
We dont know how scalable this is. #VCSaid @pluggdinV
“Not this time guys, may be in the next meet” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgKishore
Can you clone flipkart for me? That’s what #VCSaid @pluggdinShubhs
"what if facebook or google makes the same product after few months? No the business is too full of risks" #VCSaid @pluggdinViren Bhandari
#VCSaid We always look for the scale factor. Where’s your Pivot?Salil Punalekar
"Wait. Did you say Mumbai Angels is doing due diligence on you!?" #VCSaid #pluggdinV
"socks are a boring product for us to invest in, if someother VC firms invests in you then we will also invest in money" #VCSaid @pluggdinViren Bhandari
"the other patner’s last firm made an investment on something like this 4 years back & he feels the rate of returns are low" #VCSaidKris Nair
"This has not been tried before. Well, it looks risky then" #VCSaid @pluggdinpj
"I don’t understand why are you trying to make a global product?" #VCSaid @pluggdinpj
"Your idea is pure awesome, but why can’t you add more commercial aspects to it?" #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgVasanth Sampathkumar
There isn’t enough market for such a tech product yet. May be you should make it more desi #VCSaid @pluggdinShubhs
"the other patner’s last firm made an investment on something like this 4 years back & he feels the rate of returns are low" #VCSaidKris Nair
Given the risk / reward profile that we look for it is a bit too early for investment #VCsaid #UnpluggdPratyush
I like you guys. Can you work on some other idea so that I can fund you? #VCSaid @pluggdinBirla
"You are great hackers/developers but we don’t think you can build a company off this idea" #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgGSVN Praveen
"What will happen to our investment if you die" #VCSaid @pluggdinKartik Raichura
"you know, investment committee is a bitch!" #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgKris Nair
“You’re too blunt.” #VCSaid #my_fav_vc_rejection_lineHitesh Gupta
“Let’s keep chatting.” #VCSaid #my_fav_vc_rejection_lineIndus Khaitan
" indinas will never buy electronics online" #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgRoshan
"we have invested in a Bluetooth company and I think we’ve covered the telecom investment thesis, sorry" #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgKris Nair
“We are in stealth mode, so we cannot fund you right now” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgnutanc
My friends from <big XYZ company> are working on this and you will not able to compete. #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgkunalkantsen
"But it is already funded by other VC" #VCSaid #Unpluggd http://Unpluggd.orgBhuvan thaker
"Your business concept is innovative and little ahead of its time" #VCSaid #Unpluggd thaker
“It’s great idea! But big companies like Google might enter into it n you’ll be killed” :O #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgSagar Bedmutha
We don’t see any compelling reason for consumers to buy from you. #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgPrasanna Venkatesh
“It’s already there. Over-crowded market.” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgSagar Bedmutha
It’s just like Groupon. There is no USP. #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgYoungblah
"The market you are in i very small ” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgRoshan
"Not every successful Business Model is VC fundable ” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgAbhishek Mathur
“<value of a idea is zero! >” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgRoshan
“<you have a great product but we don’t invest in hardware statups>” #VCSaid http://unpluggd.orgRoshan
"I am traveling out of the country. Can we connect after 3 months?" #vcsaid http://unpluggd.orgashish sinha

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