Context Based App Shifu Gets Smarter With Battery Alert and Recurring Reminders

A plethora of To-Do apps are available at Google’s Play Store, but how many of them are actually smart? How about an app that reminds you to buy some milk the next time you’re at the market? How about an app that only gives you reminders when you’re free? That’s exactly what Shifu does.


The context driven app analyzes your usage pattern and manages the notifications accordingly. But that’s not all that it does.

Shifu uses 4 parameters based on which the reminders are set: WiFi, Location, Time, and on-call. In addition, you can also link your Facebook and Google+ accounts for birthday and other reminders.

Once installed on the phone, it gives you a shortcut to set reminders right from the notification center. Here are some new features you will see in v3.0.

Smart battery alert

Android phones, or any phone for that matter, lets you know about your battery drainage only when the juice has reached the critical level. Shifu is introducing Smart battery Alert (SBA), a feature that analyzes the time when you tend to use your phone the most. It then reminds you to charge your phone a few hours before that.

Recurring reminders

There are many instances when you would want your phone to remind you multiple times, like an alarm. This feature wasn’t available in the previous version, but after being requested by many users, Shifu is including this feature as well.

Besides, here are a few more examples on how one could use this app.

  • Suppose you want to watch a video on YouTube as soon as you connect to the Wifi. Shifu can manage that!
  • Set a reminder when the next time you text/call a specific person.
  • Hide all the reminders until you’re free to check them out.

In many ways, this app resembles Windows Phone’s Cortana’s smart features – and that’s a good thing. While the app is really useful, it is important to see how much battery it consumes. Do share with us if you find the app draining away too much battery, though, we don’t think it will.

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