Mobile Life: How to Control Your Computer With Your Phone

These Windows Phone, Android and iOS apps allow you to sit back and control your personal computer with your smartphone.

Talk about tail wagging the dog. Used to be that your smartphone was controlled with your computer. Turns out, now you can do it the other way around. A bunch of new apps can help you use the smartphone to control a personal computer.

This helps at times when we just want to sit back and use the bigger screens that most of our computers offer us. Apart from this, these apps are quite handy when one has to give a presentation.

Most of these apps need your phone and computer connected to the same router, and requires that you have assigned a static address for your computer on the network. You will also have to download a small server client for each app to establish a connection.

iOS Apps to Control Your Computer

HippoRemote Pro


This app turns your iPhone and iPad into a Wi-Fi keyboard, trackpad, and remote control. It works with Mac, Windows and Linux. You can also create app profiles which help you to control various applications like Windows Media Center 7, Hulu Desktop, your web browser and iTunes. You can also wake up your device over LAN and use international keyboards.

There are two versions of the app. While the Pro one has all the features, the lite offers a trial of the keyboard and the trackpad. Give the lite a try and see if you need to upgrade.

Download: HippoRemote Pro 2.0 ($4.99), HippoRemote Lite (free)



This is one of the most and complete and secure application for controlling your Mac or Windows PC. The app is available in both free and paid versions. After installing the app on your iPhone, there is also a small client which has to be installed on your Mac or PC. You can then have access your computer either via using a code or a partner list. You have full control of it with a series of on-screen tools like a keyboard, a mouse and special function keys. With this app users can also remotely reboot a computer or automatically adjust the screen resolution of the remote computer.

Download: TeamViewer (free), TeamViewer Pro ($99.99)



LogMeIn can be used to control your Mac or PC remotely from your iOS device. This app also requires you to download a small client on the desktop before a connection can be established. This app offers a series of upgrades in the form of in-app subscriptions, ranging from 3-month to yearly periods. These subscriptions enables a series of very interesting features, including HD video and audio streaming and ocal file saving. One can even use a 3G connection to remotely access files, run applications and control your desktops from anywhere.

Download LogMeIn (free, in app subscriptions to unlock features)

Android Apps to Control Your Computer

Unified Remote


This is by far one of the best and simplest apps to use in this list. It easily converts your Android device into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote control for your Windows PC. (Mac support is expected soon). You can easily control your favorite program, mouse, and keyboard with this app. It even comes with widget support and the ability to set up custom remotes in the full version.

To begin with you would have to download the app and also the server client for the desktop. When the two are connected on the same WiFi network there is automatic server detection. One can switch between remotes using gestures. The free version has remotes like basic input, file manager, Windows Media Player, VLC, YouTube etc while one would have to upgrade to get access to remotes for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, iTunes, PowerPoint, Winamp etc.

Download: Unified Remote (free), Unified Remote Full (Rs 210)

Remote Control Collection


The Remote Control Collection is a basically a compilation of remotes, which you can use to wirelessly control your PC. The unified remotes enable you to control the PC beyond mouse and keyboard and includes speech recognition, scroll and shortcuts. It can control various media players like Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC,  Media Monkey, etc. The scroll remote helps you to navigate through long websites like Facebook, Twitter, 9gag.

Download: Remote Control Collection (free), Remote Control Collection Full (Rs 175)

Windows Phone Apps to Control Your Computer

PC Remote


This is the best app to control your PC from your Windows Phone. It is very easy to setup a secure conncetion. You can control your mouse and even Windows 8 gestures like swiping from edges. It has support for the full keyboard. This app even allows you to view the desktop screen on your phone. You can create custom remotes and also fully control Windows Media Center from you Windows phone.

The pro version has additional features like no ads, auto-connect shortcut by creating tile at start, Pin each remote to start, wake up PC, copy and paste text from phone to PC etc.

Download: PC Remote (free), PC Remote Pro (Rs 160)

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  1. You can control computer from your iPhone using R-HUB`s remote support servers iOS app. You may download the same for free from Apple store.

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