How smart voice assistants are driving consumer convenience #ConversationalCommerce


How smart voice assistants are driving consumer convenience #ConversationalCommerce

In today’s attention economy, the consumer has plenty of choices. The onus lies on organizations to capture the limited attention of consumers and devise compelling customer experiences that build long-lasting relationships.

When Capgemini asked (US) consumers why they prefer voice assistants over websites and apps, the top 3 drivers were:

  1. It is more convenient
  2. It allows me to multi-task and do things hands-free
  3. It helps me automate my routine shopping tasks

Convenience is not limited to just shopping or routine activities. It is also about delegation.

Key takeaways

  • The ability to connect on a human level is what drives long-term customer engagement and, ultimately, loyalty
  • Consumers are not interested in the technology or platform that brands deploy, rather the experiences they deliver.

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