The Future of Commerce is Conversational: Are You Ready?

Conversations with customers are the gateway through which exceptional customer experience can be delivered. It’s no surprise to see customer conversations being the most important harbinger of modern-day business operations, from sales to marketing to customer service and back.

However, it’s no longer about brands interacting with their customers; the key differentiator is how well they do it, which has a critical impact on the success of any business. Consumers are moving from simple one-way communication to rich two-way conversations, choosing mobile technology as the preferred way to connect with businesses. They expect instant communication with brands through the channels and devices that are most convenient to them.

The ability to communicate with customers via conversational channels has become a need for businesses and is no longer an option. looks keenly into how the user journeys need to be optimized for mobile-first customer interactions. The company offers brands the necessary platforms, solutions, and tools to create unique customer experiences, be it WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or others.’s wide-ranging solutions empower marketing, sales, and customer service to automate customer engagement across multiple mobile channels that boost sales and increase customer happiness – This is where Conversational Commerce comes in. Focusing on Conversational Commerce, they help consumers and companies engage with each other seamlessly through mobile channels.   

Turn conversations into conversions with an integrated approach

Whether it is customer engagement or support, it will always be about “conversations” happening on various online channels. Customers want to reach brands easily whether they are purchasing something or right after the purchase. Be it a simple query or a complex question, people like to be informed immediately and well and turn to messaging apps hoping to get a faster response.

Customer interactions with the brand go through multiple contact points and different channels. They could be interacting with customer service via WhatsApp and then with sales via email or SMS and expect instant communication with the business in a personalized way. The best way to create that is by providing them with an integrated experience across all channels. Listening to your customers across all channels effectively increases customer engagement and conversion.

CX leaders willing to acknowledge this shift in customer need for ‘speed and personalization’ will know how to deliver a superior customer experience and win at offering customer delight. 

As communication between companies and consumers occurs more frequently via messaging, companies look for tools to speed up their response time and reduce costs. This type of proactive support from brands requires more automated and intelligent systems across the customer journey, which is hard to meet with traditional channels like phone or email alone. 

The Conversational AI Cloud allows companies to manage multiple customer conversations at scale without entirely replacing human interactions.

For example, whether it’s troubleshooting common problems, help with basic transaction details, or general advice, most inbound queries typically can be deflected to automated channels for their ability to deliver instant responses within seconds.

The message is quite clear to the worldwide business community – People no longer want to see random push notifications in their email inboxes. Customers want to be known; they want brands to treat them as people and not profiles. “Personalization” here is the key. Customers need to feel that the business, as an entity across various departments, actually knows them. As a result, it’s crucial to provide an integrated experience so that when customers are interacting with the brand, the company reps understand who the customer is and their preferences. 

The potential of AI and unifying customer data using the Customer Data Platform (CDP) at can help you deliver a customized offering relevant to each customer with proactive outbound. Chatbots here, whether they are scripted or AI-supported, qualify as great tools. The AI chatbots don’t just impact the way companies communicate with customers and resolve issues, but it also instantly addresses inbound and outbound interactions across the journey that achieves one-on-one personalization.  

Their comprehensive omnichannel strategy for conversational messaging puts you in line for this win: by covering the complete end-to-end customer interactions from first enquiry to final purchase and beyond in a single conversation. The bottom line is to engage customers with relevant messaging across the customer journey. It’s about customer-centricity at all costs!  

“Conversational solutions offer brands a chance to put their customer-centric ethos into practice. Data shows that conversational solutions offer benefits not just to consumers but also to the business itself. Businesses can benefit greatly with cost savings, improved First Call Resolution (FCR) rates, and increased NPS and CSAT, leading to greater brand loyalty. The omnichannel listening aspect plays a critical role in all our SaaS offerings, as we understand customers interact with the brand through multiple contact points and choose to reach out through different channels each time.” says Deepika Christina, Customer Experience Lead, India Hub.

This is how helps businesses fuel their conversational growth strategy

For any business, whether it’s person-to-person messaging, reassuring notifications, or a helpful chat window, each one is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the customer: to attract, engage, interact, and convert customers. This integrated approach is where the use of conversational channels increases dramatically. combines this proposition with integrated cloud solutions combining communication channels, payment services, and SaaS features, shaping the future of conversational commerce to help brands have more meaningful conversations with their consumers.’s APIs—Business Messaging, SaaS solutions, and Payments snap together into a complete solution called conversational commerce – a one-stop-shop for integrated cloud solutions for global enterprises that want to be at the forefront of conversational commerce.