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Although there are good number of pdf convertor utilities availabale in the market, a common problems across these tools are:

  • Documents containing bulletted points/images/tables are not rendered properly.
  • Most of the pdf convertor tend to leave a watermark in the converted pdf. (i.e. the PDF footer will contain a link to their site etc.) And this makes the document useless (obviously, I can’t send the watermarked pdf to my boss/customer..right?)
  • The ones which work well (i.e. render the converted doc properly) and don’t leave their watermarks come with a price.

Adobe’s online pdf convertor looks okay, but the pricing is as weird as it could be – First 5 docs for free, then 9.99 USD/month or 99.99USD/year – that too only in US and Canada! (will they snail mail the PDF in a CD?This is really funny!)

Came across, and I must say that its one of the coolest pdf conversion tool that I have ever used.

All you need to do is upload the document, enter your email address and you will receive the pdf in a few seconds.

As of now, the tool supports .doc/txt/rtf/ppt/pps/pub/xls and html formats only.

Not to worry, they have an installable easyPDF Printer Driver, which can convert any format to PDF.

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