Convert Your Blog to Book – Pothi Launches BookSmith

Blogger’s dream come true, if you ask me. You can now convert your blog (rather any blog’s posts) to pdf and download them as ebook or buy a printed copy of the same.

In order to use Booksmith, all you need to do is enter the blog url (supports wordpress and blogspot) and select posts that you want to have in the pdf.

Since most of the blog feeds support only 10 posts (by default), this feature has a restriction (which Pothi can’t do much about). But if you are the blog owner, you can select any number of posts and have them in the pdf.

Blog to Book (pdf) using Pothi's Blogsmith
Blog to Book (pdf) using Pothi's Blogsmith

This is an interesting feature, but here is a question to Pothi team– what is the target segment for this feature? Bloggers or Readers?

Readers can’t be, since they don’t have the luxury to print beyond 10 posts (or whatever is the default chosen by the blog).

As far as blog owners are concerned, how many of them are comfortable sharing login/password on a third party site? I am not and most importantly, blog owners would rather use a plugin that helps them customize the offering (for instance, print posts from a specific category).

Current offering takes the raw RSS feed and the junk that’s associated with each and every post (for instance copyright information/related posts etc), and that’s one area that Pothi needs to work on.

A wordpress plugin (there are few of them who can help you convert blog to pdf, for e.g. blogbooker and wptex ) is what makes it a viable play. Most importantly, the team needs to figure out the printing part (which is their core business model) – how will they convert pdf exporters to printers?

What extra services do you can they render to bloggers, for Booksmith to be an interesting play?

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