Startup Peardoc Helps You Convert HTML to PDF ; Adds Powerful Features And Controls

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Startup Peardoc Helps You Convert HTML to PDF ; Adds Powerful Features And Controls

peardoc1There are plenty of free online sites and open source tools that enable HTML to PDF conversion. But if you are the one that needs more advanced features such as controlling page layout, document security, watermarking etc., then Peardoc  is the solution for you.

There is definitely a case to be made for enterprises that require large scale conversions, document security and digital signatures to adopt this tool.

PDFs are the preferred format for printing and sharing over email and websites already provide their white-papers, brochures and such in this format. But what about dynamically generated content? You could do a screen-capture, but if you want control over page layout and such then the Peardoc solution is most suitable. Charts, calendars, forms can all be effectively captured and downloaded by your user with a simple Peardoc plugin for your website. Also you can combine multiple pages into one PDF for offline reading. It would be nice if your favorite website provided for this!


Peardoc is targeting content generators and publishers that want to provide an exclusive offline reading experience without ads. This might be an interesting option for publishers if their business models can accommodate for content consumption without the ad-revenues.

Perhaps get their users to pay for their content? That would be a tough sell, unless your content is really exclusive! Extending this idea further into the mobile and scores of applications that generate dynamic information, might utilize the Peardoc API to generate the PDFs.

The real killer of a potential for the tool from the end user perspective is if in the future it enabled one in offline reading abilities and archiving my favorite/important content en-masse through my saved bookmarks. Presently I can do this manually by converting each page. But what if the tool could sync with my bookmarks and convert all of them into PDFs that I can store for posterity even if the website takes it down or my network is down. I would pay for such a solution and perhaps there are many out there like me. What about you?

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