And now, reading a webpage is just a call away using PlayText

PlayText converts readable content from any webpage or a website into a Podcast.

We recently covered Aurality app that delivers an audio stream of your favorite news and blogs to your phone so you can listen instead of reading. PlayText is another interesting service that converts readable content from any webpage or a website into a Podcast.

The service is available as stand-alone as well as an Android app.  The way PlayText works is very simple:PlayText

  • Just call +1-888-666-4013 (International Toll Free)
  • Press 1 to listen to TechCrunch , 2 for TOI and 3 for
  • Press any number from 1 to 9 to listen to any article
  • Once the article has been podcasted – either you go back to the main menu or site menu or Hangup (currently fetches only 9 articles from the RSS feed).

The number is toll free only for US and other countries. In the background, service uses Twilio APIs (we’d recommend the developer, Shan to play with Kookoo APIs too). Once the call is connected,the system waits for a user input which has been preconfigured on Twilio – so once you have pressed 3 for, it will read the list of articles by parsing RSS Feed and again waits for the user input to read an article.

As far as Android app (link) is concerned, the service uses TTS engine for Android to stream the podcasts as well as sythensize the podcasts into media files (hence, you need to have Text to Speech Engine installed on your android).

Do give PlayText a spin and shout out your comments.

Aside, PlayText is developed by Shan, who also developed TextHer, the serverless P2P Messaging App.

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