Convert YouTube videos to Audio format [wav/mp3]


Convert YouTube videos to Audio format [wav/mp3]

I wanna download music videos [from YouTube/GoogleTube], capture the audio and convert them to audio files (mp3/iTunes etc).
So in short, I wanna take U2’s “Saints are coming” video from YouTube and convert that as a mp3/iTune.

The funny thing is that most of these music audio/mp3 songs aren’t available for free downloads, but the videos are!
[Thanks Goog/YouTube for supporting piracy! You know I love it! ]

Follow these simple steps to convert a video file to audio format:

  • Convert the YouTube/Google video to FLV format [use videodl / Keepvid].
  • Download WinFF.
  • Once you have WinFF installed, choose the FLV file you want to convert; and select “Wave[Audio]” option.

And there you go! You have the .wav file, and you are free to convert that to whatever music format you wish to [read here for converting to other formats].

You can also use TubeStock to convert YouTube videos to iPod/PSP compatible format [free/30 days trial].

Thanks to Goog, Everbody’s free to wear sunscreen [that’s the first song I downloaded!]
What about you guys? Don’t you think that this the best way to enrich one’s music collection? [YouTube/Goog Video is full of music videos, after all].

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