With Their DIY Kits, CoolJunk Wants To Help You Learn Electronics

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With Their DIY Kits, CoolJunk Wants To Help You Learn Electronics

cooljunkBack when I was is in school, we never had better ways to understand the Kirchhoff’s and Ohm’s Law or the workings of various components of an electronic circuits, other than our drab textbooks with complicated and badly drawn diagrams, or crowded single setup demonstrations in labs.

Gone are those days. Today students have access to better study tools like computer animations and better textbooks. Another interesting range of products that are getting more common and can explain concepts in a better fashion, are DIY(Do-It-Yourself) kits.

New Delhi based startup, CoolJunk is trying to change the perception of students towards electronics and technology through their DIY kits. The company designs and develops Personal Learning Kits for Science, Technology, Electronics and other such subjects.

The company wants to break the conventional paradigm and make electronics fun to learn, simple to understand and, eventually, easy to relate to. This led them to the build their first product, CoolJunk KIT-1, a DIY electronics kit consisting of a mobile workstation, learning videos, electronic components & hardware and reference books.

Gurpawan Mand, Founder CEO of CoolJunk says, “One of the ways to learn electronics is to build something from the components and then question its working; this became our learning philosophy, build to learn.”

The startup had to figure out curriculum content, component sourcing, packaging, and delivery methodology before coming up with their first product. Mand says that they researched for over 36 months, asking and testing various product iteration, with over 1500 students across over 25 private schools, before coming up with their final basic electronics DIY kit.

“DIY method leads to the development of metacognitive skills in learners over time. Gradually, learners plan the way to approach a learning task, monitor comprehension, and evaluate the progress towards the completion of a task,” he says.

The ?rst version of the kit was launched on April 27, 2010, which was then sold and tested among over 1500 students across various schools. After the kit gained acceptance in the market, it was ?ne tuned into a scalable product based on user feedback.

Post this development, the startup also started to receive a lot of inquiries from all over and this got them to build the commercial version for students.

CoolJunk DIY kit

The startup currently retails the kit, priced at Rs 2999, through its portal. The kit has also gone live on Amazon and Snapdeal and is expected to be available on other e commerce portals soon. the company also plans to make the kit available at major organized retail chains soon.

CoolJunk has sold over 500 kits of their products commercial version, since its launch in June last year.

They have also launched an exclusive investigatory physics project kit-series for 12th standard science students, based on feedback from 60 Schools from the Delhi (NCR) region. Five schools have also included the kit in their curriculum for senior science students

“We are not giving up on institutional tie up model. In fact, we are coming up with customized kits for institutions (schools and colleges) which makes the sales process more scalable and ef?cient,” says Gurpawan.

Soon CoolJunk will also be launching different variants of KIT-1 and also upgrades to KIT-1: KIT-2, KIT-3 and KIT-4 which forms part of their DIY Electronic Series.

The startup was angel funded in 2012 and is looking to go for Series A funding round in 2014, to invest in building a channel partner network, strengthening operations and expanding their team.

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