CopyNotify Brings Affordable Data Protection & Power Savings To SMBs

CopyNotifyData security is a major concern in large companies and they have to invest in expensive technologies to monitor and manage data theft. The data security requirement in smaller companies is the same, but most of the time these small companies are not able to invest huge sums of money to protect their data.

CopyNotify is a data protection software, developed by Pune based CygNET Systems, for SMBs.

The company had 3 products CopyNotify, Insta-LockDown and GreenNotify, to cater to different sets of requirements, risks, functionality and costs.


CopyNotify is an entry level data protection software designed specially for the small business and home office networks. The software provides anti data theft measures for computers on the network by disabling the copying of data to external USB drives, smartphones, blocking internet connectivity via portable modems/data cards as well as restricting browser based data uploads.

The CopyNotify data protection for SMBs also monitors user logon activities such as privilege levels, remote logons and invalid logins. Software installs and uninstalls on the network are logged as well as rogue devices attempting to access network resources can also be detected.

The product also has an Green side to it. It achieves this by offering electricity saving features such as switching off idle machines and the auto shutdown of computers after office hours.

Insta-LockDown ( Personal Edition of CopyNotify)

Insta-LockDown is designed for single users/systems and locks down the copying of data with a simple keystroke combination.

The software restricts the copying of data through various data channels such as the internet, file attachments, removable USB devices and Bluetooth transfer to smart phones. The tool comes in handy when single PCs are used by multiple users and data theft is a concern.

It also plays a protective role against data theft when administrative privileges are granted to multiple users of the same PC or the admin password has been compromised.

GreenNotify (Energy Saver Software)

GreenNotify is an energy conservation software that can help reduce electricity bills of small businesses by automatically switching off computers that are not being used and shutting down computers automatically after office hours. This is the Green feature that is also available in CopyNotify.

A lot of companies have adopted BYOD policies nowadays and data theft is a major concern for such companies. If you are an SMB or a SOHO operation, you should try this tool for your data protection needs. You can get a 15 day trial version of all the 3 products.

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