Copywriting : The 7 formulas that will help you master the art

Everyone says, “learn copywriting – it’s the world’s most important skill.”

But where the hell do you even start?

Here’s 7 simple formulas to help you become a world-class copywriter:

1. A-I-D-C-A

Stands for:

• Attention: Pull them in
• Information: What it’s about
• Desire: The problem worth solving
• Conviction: Prove that this offer works
• Action: Copy used to nudge taking action

2. B-A-B

Stands for:

• Before: Life before the transformation
• After: Life after the transformation
• Bridge: Transformation process

3. F-A-B

Stands for:

• Feature: What it does
• Advantage: How it helps
• Benefit: Why that’s important

4. R-A-D

Stands for:

• Require: What it takes to get the offer
• Acquire: What you get with the offer
• Desire: The offer call-to-action

5. V-A-D

Stands for:

Verb: Action accomplished
Application: The applied benefit
Differentiator: “Without needing…”

6. P-A-S

Stands for:

• Problem: Thing you want to solve
• Agitate: Storytelling to drive emotion
• Solution: Your tool to solve the problem

7. A-I-U

Stands for:

• Attention: Capture attention
• Interest: Provide context to the offer
• Urgency: Drive action and conversion

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7 formulas to write like a world-class copywriter:

• Attention-Info-Desire-Conviction-Action
• Verb-Application-Differentiate
• Feature-Advantage-Benefit
• Attention-Interest-Urgency
• Problem-Agitate-Solution
• Require-Acquire-Desire
• Before-After-Bridge

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