Dear Corporates : Before You Call Yourself A Startup..Please Read This

Startups are largely about short runways. You either make it or you crash. And when you crash, you don’t get that ‘happy salary’ SMS (there is no guarantee even otherwise).

Mukesh Ambani just called Reliance Jio a startup (rather world’s largest startup).

Dell too calls itself a startup (rather, world’s largest startup).

Lot of teams inside big corporates (working on new initiatives) now call themselves a startup.

Their answer?

We are a new team inside this big corporate house. We are resource crunched (have very little budget).

The truth:

We are fucking bored here and we (+ management) feel nice when we call ourselves a startup.

The reality

Before you call yourself a startup, just answer this:

What happens end of this month? Next month?

Are you worried about *no-money* / *no-salary* situation?

If you are sure about salary hitting the bank account (that *happy* SMS you get!), please don’t call yourself a startup.

Startups Are Not Just About Being Small (In Size)

Or lack of resources.

Or lack of budgets.

In early stages, startups are largely about ‘uncertainties‘.

Startups are largely about short runways.

Really short runway.

You either make it or you crash.

And when you crash, you don’t get that ‘happy salary’ SMS (there is no guarantee even otherwise).

There is zero¬†comfort of salary (salary does¬†translates to security) that others enjoy (FYI : I didn’t take salary for more than¬†3 years of starting NextBigWhat).

Sorry my friends in corporate houses, you aren’t a startup team over there.

At best, you are a lean team (with a comfortable salary package) and that’s totally¬†fine (after all, not everybody needs to call themselves¬†a startup).

Today is 30th. And tomorrow, all¬†of *startup teams in corporates* will get that ‘salary credit’ SMS, while¬†most of (early stage) founders will worry about their runway and the fuel left.

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  1. You are everyone wants to call himself a Startup company whether it has turn over 1 crore per year or 1 lakh per year.

  2. The article feels more like a jealous rant about the ability of cash rich corporate houses to set up separate teams and ramp up investments to challenge the start ups. The focus on uncertainty of salary in this article reeks of jealousy. I expected a more precise and logical article from NBW team…

  3. Agree completely Ashish! I was also amusedly wondering yesterday when I read on Economic Times that Reliance Jio is the world’s largest startup.
    Maybe they feel great or excited to call themselves as a startup. Thanks for capturing the true feelings of startup founders.

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