Corporate Mobile Numbers can Port Out of a Carrier [50 At A Time]: TRAI

Mobile TowerCorporate mobile users who were so far unable to port out of a particular mobile operator because their applications were being rejected on the grounds of “contractual obligation,” can now port their numbers out, the telecom regulator has said.

According to the new corporate MNP guidelines, up to 50 corporate mobile numbers can be ported to another service provider through a letter of authorization in a single porting request.

Corporate clients had complained to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that their requests to port numbers to a different carrier were being rejected by operators.

“The Authority had received complaints from subscribers of corporate mobile numbers that their porting requests have been rejected under the category “contractual obligation” for want of permission/authorization from the company/corporate for porting such numbers,” said TRAI on Monday.

With the new number porting regulations we will see more Mobile Number Portability(MNP) requests from corporate users, as until now telecom operators have been only entertaining individual MNP and rejecting requests corporate numbers.

Hopefully, the change will also drive service improvement and drive down tariffs as carriers woo customers with newer offers.

As the processing procedure for corporate numbers might take more time than regular MNP request, the Authority has allowed 48hrs for forwarding the porting request by the recipient operator.

The new guidelines will come into effect 90 days from July 21st.

Mobile number portability was rolled out in India in January 2011. According to the recent report by the regulatory body, 91.73 million subscribers have submitted their requests for MNP, by the end of April 2013.

 Earlier this month the Authority had issued new guidelines to the telecom service providers, on the procedures for activation and deactivation of Value Added Services (VAS) so as to protect the interest of users. The Trai wants operators to setup a uniform procedure across carriers to seek explicit consent from users to activate and deactivate a value added service.

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