Microsoft Launches Cortana For Android As A Public Beta

The public beta version of the software can now be launched via a long press on the Home button. However, given limitations for non-native apps in Android, Cortana can’t toggle settings, and can’t be triggered with the “Hey Cortana” hotword.

Microsoft launched its digital assistant Cortana earlier this year on Windows Phone and even brought it to the desktop with Windows 10. That said, the releases most of us have been waiting for have been on iOS and Android.

That day finally came when Microsoft opened the public beta on Cortana, allowing users to access the same digital assistant on their Android smartphones and tablets as on their Windows 10 PCs.

Compared to the leaked version of Cortana for Android that did the rounds last month, in the public beta Cortana can now be launched by a long press of the home button, replacing Google Now.

However, being a beta app the functionality that allows Cortana to launch other apps is missing, it can’t be used in any way to toggle settings and still can’t be triggered by the “Hey Cortana” keyword.

Interested users can take Cortana for a spin on their Android devices by downloading it from the Play Store after becoming a tester.

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