Ask: Cost of filing Patent in India, How much Equity for Mentors


Ask: Cost of filing Patent in India, How much Equity for Mentors

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Cost of filing patent in India

What is the total cost of filing a US patent (including attorney and application fee) from India?

Test Websites on Different Browsers (and versions)?

How do I test my website on different browsers (from IE6 to Chrome,Opera/FF) and most importantly, the different versions of each browser?

Consulting while product development ? How safe is it?

How cool is it to keep doing consulting business side by side and at the same time, continue with product development (for my startup idea)?
How many ppl have actually felt the benefit of it, after all it hurts your go to market?

How much equity for mentors?

We are approaching few mentors to provide a third-party view as well as help with connections..  The mentors are asking for ~7% equity stake. IS that normal?

We expect mentors to bring in some insights, few connections and provide suggestions based on the industry knowledge.

Online Payment Gateway (Recurring Billing)

Please name the most bankable and low-cost payment gateway services available in Asia? Other than Paypal, of course. Are any of these providing API based interactions?

Hiring Investment Bankers at Seed Funding Stage?

Here is what the ibanker is charging
– Rs. 1L fee [fixed for the engagement]
– 15% of the entire deal [and since we plan to raise Rs. 1 Cr, they want 15L]

Do these numbers make sense?

Language translation pack

We are looking for startups providing language translation pack for cellphone? We want to translate english SMS into regional languages.

A Geek Hiring Sales Team

I run a technology venture and we are hiring sales candidate. Being a hard core engineer, I am not so familiar with the market jargon and would like to know what questions shall I ask a potential sales candidate.

Which is the cheapest dedicated hosting provider in India?

I want to host my site in india. It’s a ecommerce product. What is the cheapest rates i can get for minimum resource dedicated server

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