Couple of Updates and thoughts

At, my attempt is always to profile interesting startups – i.e. the ones who have thought through the product and have some depth in their offering.

Hence, going forward we will focus on non-web2.0 startups as well – i.e. will cover some very interesting products/services that are bringing in a silent revolution (yes! I know of few very cool startups who have real hot features).

Also, I get to hear lot of noise regarding social media in India – we will take a dig at this and share some candid thoughts on them.

And of course, I have an itch to talk about real cool tech products (for e.g. look at this set of online music discovery) etc that I come across – these are quite a bit of deviation from the regular startup related posts, but I will try to maintain the balance! 🙂

ProBlogging – Not that we have completed 1.25 years of problogging, there are a couple of learnings I’d like to share with you all (series of posts delivered during the weekend) – right from tweaking wordpress to building a community, maintaining post quality etc.

Till then..stay

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