Startup Roundup: Coursebirdie, Strombss, DotMic & Fitho

Besides the startups we profiled in detail this week, here are some that caught our attention. Try The Strombss if you are on a health crusade. Coursebirdie offers courses for entrepreneurs. Fitho is for the weight conscious. DotMic is an e-commerce comparison portal.


CoursebirdieThe education startup Coursebirdie, based out of New Delhi, offers classes, workshops and events for students, managers and entrepreneurs in the areas of business, management, design and technology. The platform intends to help them avoid or reduce the risks associated with their businesses or other entrepreneurial ventures. We worked on it and concluded that by offering classes on business, management, design and technology, we can help them achieve success. The contents are offered both online and offline modes, along with some workshops and networking events. The service has ropes in professors, researchers, institutions and organizations to deliver their content. The content we provide aims to connect the knowledge with the current market demand. Give Coursebirdie a try a let us know.


In todays fast moving world, lifestyle diseases on the rise making more and more people becoming health conscious. Student life is fast-paced, hectic and the demand for instant gratification of hunger is increasing. The e-commerce portal Strombss, based in Mumbai, is aimed at people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. The company manufactures instant mix in a single-serve sachet that can be blended in milk or water to make a health shakes. The mixes are made using a variety of health ingredients like sprouts of ragi, wheat, jowar, bajra, green mung, black gram, whole chana and Brown rice, soya, Whey Protein, skimmed milk solids, natural flavour extracts. Give the mix a try and let us know, you can purchase their mixes on their portal here.


dotmicDotmic, based out of cochin, is an e-commerce search engine using which people can search the web for products information available on various e-commerce websites. Users can compare the price of a products among various listed e-commerce portals saving them time and the hassle of having to browse through various web pages. The portal displays various product details including price,delivery time,delivery charges,product info and seller details. The portal has developed a search engine technology, which took them two and half years to develop, that enables them to search through millions of products from various e-commerce services. The portal also has Deals and Coupons pages listing out various deals and coupons available from various retailers and portals. Give the service a try then next time you plan to make an online purchase and let us know about the service.


fithoFitho, the Delhi based healthcare startup, launched back in 2010 with a goal to help people lose weight. The portal has developed, with the help of nutritionists and dietitians, a software based technology that creates customized healthy diet plans for people, based on their inputs about their health, lifestyle preferences and more, with our dietitian inputs. This new service was launched in Q2 2012, and priced it at Rs 499-799 per month i.e the more the months you purchase for the less you pay per month. Visit the portal to view sample diet plans and a detailed list of the various plans available.

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