CourseBuffet wants to be the meta university among online learning courses

So you want to learn web development? Where do you head to? There are over 10 online course services each with its own definition of a subject.

Pune based CourseBuffet enables users to discover and compare online learning resources. The site lists over 500 online courses from leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, IIT Delhi and providers such as Coursera, edX, Udacity etc and is building a meta search engine on top of these available courses.

CourseBuffet’s key differentiator is the CourseBuffet Standard Course Classification System. Every course is given a CourseBuffet subject and level number similar to what is used by many American universities. This helps users in easily finding and comparing similar courses from multiple providers. With this system users don’t have to figure out which courses are similar they just click on the CourseBuffet classification button to display all similar courses.

In terms of content, the startup currently scrapes and aggregates data from providers and is essentially playing a curator role in the business of online learning.

“Right now we are picking the low hanging fruit of Coursera, Udacity, etc. Because they are offering college like courses and we can say this course is roughly equivalent to Computer  Science 101, Accounting 230, etc and can . When you start getting in to sites like Code Academy one has to think how one is going to compare that to a traditional course. We will be figuring that out. We want to give people the best apples to apples comparison as possible.
The goal is to list all online resources, short courses, tutorials, etc with added value of information such as time to complete, difficulty, number of people taking, meetups, possibility of certificate/credit. etc. There have been websites linking to free educational content for years, this is nothing new, but none of them add much value but simple aggregation. It is up to the user to figure out the rest. The user should have all the relevant information in front of him or her. That’s what CourseBuffet will provide. ” mentions Bruce Bolton, cofounder of CourseBuffet.

Also, CourseBuffet has been accepted into Rackspace’s 24k Startup Program – i.e. $24,000 (approx. 13 lakh) of cloud hosting for 1 year. Only 6 startups are accepted in to the program.

Do give CourseBuffet a spin and share your comments. The beauty of being a curator is that they all compete with Google search engine (when it comes to user behavior) and building a destination platform creates sustainable value in the long term.

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