COVID-19 Tips: Pregnancy In A Pandemic!

COVID-19 Tips: Pregnancy In A Pandemic!

Pregnancy is one of the most complicated things in a woman’s life. With COVID-19 at hand, it has become even a bigger challenge. In such a situation, people are looking for answers to their questions. In return, most of them are getting fake news or incomplete information. Pregnancy in a pandemic is something you need to be really cautious about!

So, what are the dos and don’ts for a pregnant woman during COVID-19? Here we are going to answer some major questions regarding pregnancy in a pandemic.

Is the pregnancy in a pandemic any different from the regular pregnancy?

In the beginning, when there wasn’t enough information available regarding COVID-19, it was obvious to believe that the virus comes with an increased risk for pregnant women. As time passed and information came from the official and verified sources, various data suggested pregnant women are definitely at risk from COVID-19. The conditions might become worse if you are experiencing severe illness.

Should visitors be allowed to see the mother during delivery?

Over the past year, we have learnt the different ways we can alleviate the virus from spreading. People were not allowed to meet the mother at different maternal care centres earlier, but now most of them have slacked up some precautions. With mask and basic social distancing norms, maternal care centres are now allowing 2-3 visitors at a time to accompany the women in labour.

How prenatal care in a pandemic is different from the regular one?

Prenatal care in a pandemic is nothing different from the regular one. It is more or less the same. Moreover, you are advised to have virtual visits as much as you can during your labour period. It is highly effective, safe, and reduces the chances for the mother catching the virus

Should a newborn be introduced to the members outside the family? If yes, how?

It all depends on the parents how they want to address this situation. They need to understand the risk at hand, and keeping that in mind, they should plan the methods they should go for. 

The best way to introduce the newborn is via video calling. The other method that you can adopt is by practising basic distance while introducing the baby. This, in turn, will weaken the chances of the baby getting affected. 

Why are pregnant women not a part of clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccination programme?

Any government wants to protect their people at any cost. Certain things are still unclear regarding the vaccine and how it affects pregnant women and her kid. To protect you from the same uncertainty, pregnant women have been excluded from the first clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

You are advised to follow the basic precautions until then, like using a mask, washing hands, and physical distancing.    

Does that imply that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous for pregnant women?

No, not at all. It is just a precaution since we don’t have enough data that can explain to us the effects that a pregnant woman is going to witness. As soon as the clinical trials for pregnant women start, the situation will become clearer to us. In the end, vaccination for pregnant and non-pregnant women isn’t going to be any different. They are both going to get the same benefits. 

How long do we have to wait for the clinical data for pregnant women?

Based on the data we got from the first clinical program, there is definitely some time for that. You don’t actually have to wait for the clinical data; also, people can decide it for themselves once the observational data is released. 

Is there any information for the vaccination of lactating mothers? Can they build up their child’s immunity with breast milk?

There is not enough data that stops lactating women from getting vaccinated. Moreover, the vaccination doesn’t harm milk production in any way. There might be a chance that a mother may contribute to the immunity of her child. This has worked for many and might work the same way for you too. So far, the data doesn’t suggest how the vaccination is going to affect a lactating mother. 

Are vaccinated patients in labour required to wear a mask at all times?

Any maternal care would suggest you keep wearing masks at all times. We have seen different mutations of the COVID-19 virus all over the world, and we don’t know how they are going to affect you yet. In such conditions, a patient in labour should “try” to wear a mask as much as she can. There can be some relaxation since pregnancy can be a challenging task. However, you should understand that basic precautions are necessary.

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