Covid-19 Vaccine Mythbusters

Covid-19 Vaccine Mythbusters

Covid-19 Vaccine Mythbusters

With the second wave of COVID-19 ripping through the country, the need to get vaccinated is more important than ever. In this situation of crisis, some people are busy spreading myths over social media that are clouding people’s judgment on whether to get vaccinated or not. 

Today, we are going to bust some of those myths and clear any lingering doubts you have regarding COVID-19 vaccine. So, let’s get started. 

MYTH: COVID-19 vaccines were developed in a rushed manner.

Due to the involvement of modern technology, a myth progressed on social media that the COVID-19 vaccines were rushed. 

For any trial to be successful, certain tests are done firstly in labs, then animals and then comes the human trials. Since COVID-19 spread all over the world in a limited time and starts acting right after some time one catches it, the usual wait was reduced. Due to all these factors combined, the vaccines were completed in record time. 

MYTH: You don’t need a second shot of the vaccine

The results from the vaccines were based on two shots. When you take the first shot of the vaccine, the body starts generating cells that can recognize the substance you have been exposed to. 

When you take the second shot, your body builds up a stronger immunity as a response to the exposure. While one might seem enough to you, the total protection is only ensured through two doses of the vaccines. Both the doses should be of the same vaccine.

MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccine is ineffective against the mutated variants

The mutation is a natural phenomenon for any virus. Every virus evolves. Although it’s obvious that the efficacy of the vaccine will decrease with each mutation, it also implies that we need to get vaccinated as soon as possible. This is how we can alleviate the virus in the minimum time. 

MYTH: Vaccine is not meant for older adults with poor health conditions

From the data available so far, we know that older adults (mainly 65-90 years old) are at a higher risk of contracting the disease. Moreover, there can be serious complications or deaths in some cases. The vaccines developed showed great efficacy for this age group too.

Although you might still be at risk of getting COVID-19 after being vaccinated, the chance of you being seriously ill will be highly alleviated. So, older adults should get vaccinated as soon as possible. 

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MYTH: You might contract adverse effects from the vaccine if you have any allergies

When the COVID-19 vaccination trials started, tens of thousands of people were vaccinated. None of them was found with serious adverse effects from vaccination. Now that a large population has been vaccinated all over the world, a decimal fraction of the population has been found with some adverse effects (10 in a million). With proper consultation from doctors and health professionals, those people were able to recover too. 

Now, getting a mild hay fever or a typical food allergy post-vaccination is normal. If you are still worried about any adverse effect from the vaccine, you can consult your doctor for the same. 

MYTH: Since you recovered from COVID-19, you don’t need the vaccine

There are a large number of cases who got COVID-19 twice, or even more, even after their recovery. This is why a person who has recovered from COVID-19 needs to get vaccinated. Due to the health risks involved with the virus and its serious implications, it’s necessary to reduce any possible risk. 

MYTH: Pregnant women can’t get vaccinated

No evidence suggests the same; since, like the older adults, pregnant women are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, it “might be beneficial” for them to get vaccinated. 

After proper consultation from the obstetrician, any pregnant woman can get vaccinated. In case you find out about your pregnancy at the time of vaccination, make sure you consult your doctor regarding the same. 

So, these were some of the common myths that are being forwarded all over the internet right now, but now you know what’s right and what’s not. Apart from that, vaccination doesn’t mean you stop practising the basic COVID-19 precautions. Make sure you wash your hands regularly, wear a mask, and practice social distancing at all times. 

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