Craftsvilla Acquihires F2SO4, A Service Marketplace

F2SO4 will continue working as a standalone stitching platform which other ecommerce companies can also use in future

After acquiring Sennd and PlaceOfOrigin, ethnic fashion marketplace Craftsvilla  has now announced its acqui-hire of F2SO4.

F2SO4 offers sizing and fitting services and is a services marketplace with other offerings such as garment rentals.

Manoj Gupta, co-founder and CEO, said, “Many services marketplaces will emerge between 2016- 2020. These could include something as basic as tailoring to as advanced as wedding planners. We see stitching as an important peripheral ethnic service for our customer experience and we see lot of post purchase demand around this from our customers. F2SO4’s sizing and fitting service was a big draw for us to acquire them.”

F2SO4 will continue working as a standalone stitching platform which other ecommerce companies can also use in future.

The founder of F2SO4, Amrit Singh, a Delhi-based IIT alumnus, adds, “We are the generation who likes to experiment. At F2SO4 we always dreamed of becoming agents who enabled experimentation and rich experiences, and I am glad we are realising our vision with our customised sizing and fitting solutions.”

F2SO4 was founded as a apparel-as-a-service platform by Amrit Singh and Sachin Goel, batchmates from IIT Delhi, and Partik Bhuchar, a young charming businessman. 

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