From *Near Death-And-Survival Experience* To Making It Big : CraftsVilla Founder, Manoj @UnPluggd

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From *Near Death-And-Survival Experience* To Making It Big : CraftsVilla Founder, Manoj @UnPluggd

It’s not everyday that you hear founders sharing their ‘near death’ / survival experience.
Craftsvilla which launched in 2011 almost had a ‘near-death’experience in 2012 and the company moved from 5 offices all over the country to a small room office; the team which was 80 people in size downsized to just the passionate 8.

The focus? Profitability. Driving transaction growth. Building a sustainable *big* business. Staying Silent. Just Keep Doing It.

Manoj Gupta, Craftsvilla
Manoj Gupta, Craftsvilla

There are businesses that founders make for investors by creating artificial demand (a.k.a. coupons).
The real ones build it for themselves!

Craftsvilla recently raised $34mn in Series C funding and is clocking 30 million monthly traffic and 50 Crores GMV ( plans to attain $500 million in gross merchandise value over the next one year).

Well, there is a bit of underdog story here. But a sheer focus on business growth (sans fancy metrics) and *things that matter* has gotten Craftsvilla to where it is today.

Trivia : After 2012, Craftsvilla hasn’t issued a single discount coupon!!

Do Listen up to Manoj Gupta, Craftsvilla founder share the Craftsvilla story at UnPluggd, India’s most amazing startup conference.

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  1. Ajay Yadav

    Hats off to Mr Manoj, Craftsvilla

  2. Ajay Yadav

    Mr Manoj of Craftsvilla may have his own outlook on his strategic inputs and NextBigWhat have their own, Nothing irony about it dear.

  3. We are NextBigWhat 🙂 what’s the irony about it !!

  4. Anil

    Ironic. No discount coupons after 2012 by craftsvilla. On the same page, you start unpluggd regn with 25% discount coupons !!

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