Crash into Me – Take a Backup too

Left with a crashed computer?
Apart from the fact that it’s a painful experience, not having a backup of your data is all the more scary.

One of the major reasons why people don’t take backup is because they don’t know how to!
Or probably its too technical or too time consuming to burn those packs of CDs..

And solving this ignorance is a service called Carbonite

Key Features:

  • Unlimited storage capacity for your PC backups
  • Always on: just connect to the Internet
  • Instantly detects and backs up changed files
  • Never slows down your computer or Internet
  • Strong encryption for super security
  • Backs up approximately 2GB per day over DSL or Cable

How does it work?
One of the major differntiator for Carbonite is the automatic backup feature.
Simply download the product and it will instantly detect the changed files and send that across using your internet connection.

Amazingly, the product is priced at $5 a month (too less, too cheap compared to other backup service like xDrive, iBackup etc).

For those who are planning to buy Microsoft Money 2007, here is a good news. Microsoft will ship MS Money 2007, with 1 year free subscription to Carbonite, and one can backup MS Money file using Carbonite.

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