Crawl Large Scale Data with Prompt Cloud to Generate Insights for Business

Prompt CloudNothing is more important than data these days. Raw data, or unprocessed information, is junk. But with the right metrics and insights, it becomes a powerful tool. It is no surprise that billion dollar companies are being built by munching data.

PromptCloud  the data startup which demoed at UnPluggd, is one of the promising data startups of our times. It provides DaaS or Data-as-a-Service or Data on the Tap.

It is based on the concept that the product, data in this case can be provided on demand to the user regardless of geographic or organizational distance between the consumer and provider. The company was founded in Bangalore by Prashant Kumar who previously used to work for Yahoo in their data team and has done his B.Tech-M.Tech dual degree from IIT Kanpur.

The startup provides data crawling and extraction services. Simply put, it collects data from the web and presents it in a lean manner so that it makes sense for the end user.

Whats on offer?

• Large Scale Crawl Extraction

This basically involves crawling through the web for a particular market of the client to find the relevant information. Majorly dealing in large scale data they specialize in deep crawl and incremental crawl.

• Packages

PromptCloud has already crawled millions of URLs and have gathered the information for the popular fields like product listing or travel and other trending sectors for the ready consumption of the clients.

Apart from that PromptCloud’s forte lies in cloud computing. Which helps organizations to move large scale computer infrastructure to the cloud, large scale data management and analytics along with building indexes for large scale  data. The use case for a product expands across many sectors, where data is of a huge value. Sectors like travel, e-commerce and retail estate typically benefit from a product like PromptCloud.

Prashant shared some interesting real life cases for the product, especially in the fields we might not have imagined a product like PromptCloud could exist. Varied fields where PromptCloud is currently being used includes the celebrity gossip sites to used car inventory people who use it to track the prices of old cars across multiple sites across the web to find the retailing prices of the cars.

The bootstrapped Bangalore based startup demoed their product demo at UnPluggd’12.

The team comprises of less than 10 members and they are working their way towards adding new offerings to help data make more sense. The pricing for their service varies according to the nature of the project and the frequency of the data required. We definitely encourage the enterprise users to give it a spin to see if it matches their needs and share their feedback.

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