Creadivity – Marketplace for Creative Designers

Bangalore based Creadivity is building up a marketplace wherein customers (SMEs/individuals/corporates) can post problem statements and creative designers/creative enthusiasts will pitch in their solution.

What’s different from a regular marketplace?

Vertical focus on creative assignments only.

Majority of creative work fall under two categories – Low-involvement work (logos/calendars) and High-involvement (posters/merchandise etc). Creadivity has an automated solution for low-involvement work while they work closely with customers and selected designers for high-involvement work.

Customers can post their requirement (need to pay upfront cost of Rs. 1000/ along with a minimum commitment of Rs. 2000/ for creatives, which you are required to pay to creatives only incase you like the final solution) and once the problem statement is published, Creadivity will distribute the same to it’s designers and interested ones can pitch their samples/designs (customers will get minimum 5 options to choose from) – typical approach followed for low-involvement work.

For high-involvement work, Creadivity will work with selected designers and charges higher fee.

Part of TiE-EAP programme, Creadivity bosts of 450 creatives, 13 clients and has awarded ~Rs. 48K so far.

Marketplace Dynamics

As of now, Creadivity charges buyers for posting requirements – I strongly advise them to open up their marketplace atleast for the next few months (till they gain credibility) – some of the successful marketplaces allow both parties to communicate freely and in turn, make money on transaction.

What’s your opinion on Creadivity? If you are a startup, will you use Creadivity?

Do share your opinion.

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