With PitchDeck, Anyone Can Create Amazing Presentations

PitchDeck is a pitch presentation app that lets you create presentations that are very dynamic and fluid. The app demoed at the BigMobilityConf2014 and was presented by founder Sumanth Raghavendra with a purpose to make everyone create amazing content which drives their business.


PitchDeck is much similar to PowerPoint presentations except that deck controls the degree of freedom that the user has on creating the presentation. Pitch has a wide variety of colors, fonts and creatives to make the presentation look much more memorable to the audience.

Most contents that are required to create a pitch are saved as templates in the app so that the user does not have to worry about layouts and animations. Deck has a list of rich visualizations which keeps that audience’s focus fixated on the presentation.

Sumanth mentions that the presence of text in these presentations is very limited as text is only added complementary to the creatives to build up on the story.

The app is effective because it works seamlessly across all devices on al platforms. The slides can be shared by a single URL to any device and can be remotely controlled by a mobile device from over any distance. The app also integrates analytics in to the presentations so that the user knows as to which slide has been viewed how many times by whom and thus improve the contents further accordingly.

Pretty powerful?

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