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There is no dearth of photo sharing or blogging sites on the Internet . Why, even social networking behemoth Facebook boastsof 100 billion photos. However, this newest kid on the…

There is no dearth of photo sharing or blogging sites on the Internet . Why, even social networking behemoth Facebook boastsof 100 billion photos. However, this newest kid on the block,, does it differently, by creating a dedicated portal for picture blogs.

All you find in the beta version of Shuffls is picture stories. Every picture has a write up here. Also, you can create albums and share it with the public or a group, a la everybody else who allows photo sharing.

What’s interesting about Shuffls is the ability to watch a live stream of images uploaded, see who adds what instantly. Shuffls has plans of showing all data region based, and limit this data by having a hold on the content of the images. It also provides hot permalinks to images, so a user building a site can have all their images in a private album on Shuffls and store nothing on their server, and use that album to render images on their site. – though that has its own challenges with respect to managing copyright etc (though Shuffls makes it clear that users take full legal responsibility of images that they are uploading).clip_image002

Shuffls is founded by Sharath and Dhananjay, who also owns a fashion brand by the name of Wulve, which will have a Bangalore based network of fashion designers on launch. Here is a conversation with Dhananjay Parsivamurthy:

PI: Why would anyone sign up at Shuffls when you already have Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Blogspot/Wordpress, and even Facebook where you could upload pictures?

DP: All these places are used for specific things, Flickr is used by photographers mainly, Facebook is a social network, Blogspot/Wordpress are generic blog places. But their is no single place to do this, Shuffls provides that.

Also to add to the point, users can make money by having their profile here. Shuffls promises to pay the user the part of advertisement money to the profile owner (I mean the money made out of ads displayed in your profile, a certain %age of amount will be shared to user). So the more popular you are the wealthier you become.

PS: Isn’t shuffle logic just using a random-number-generator to have a random permutation of pictures? What is unique about your shuffle algorithm?

DP: Currently the logic is relative content search based shuffle algorithm. We need more data to proceed further. Our next shuffle algorithm will pick based on region, interest, category, and time-based images.

PI: What are the future plans wrt the features on the site?

DP: The plan is all set and will be released accordingly. Future Shuffls will have albums, streams, live stream in profile, needful album types(comics, ppts, illustrations, docs, news, technology…these cannot be called as themes but the user experience of the albums will be in that way specialized for the type of content it is going to have), hot link images albums, e-commerce product albums and payment options and unlimited space for images.

PI: What has been the traction so far?

DP: I have give very limited publicity to shuffls. The user database is still growing up. Users are uploading their images to share it on social networks and coming back to site to view some interesting images.

PI: How are you planning to generate revenue?

DP: Ads, exclusive (on order) image albums, and after the introduction of ecommerce product albums the service charge would be collected.

An interesting project, I must say. The web application is well-built and provides a smooth user experience. But one of the main criteria for the success behind such products is the user base, which may take a while to build up. Shuffls has to have something really strong to pull users from the already established bigger players in the market.

What is your opinion? What can a newcomer like Shuffls do to attract users?

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