Creating Android Apps just got easier, thanks to Pune based Programr

We earlier profiled Programr, a super cool platform that enables users to write, compile and run piece of code online. The Pune based startup has now launched support for Android apps – that is, you can create apps, compile and download the generated .APK file.programr

The team is launching a similar platform for iOS apps (by May 15th), which I believe will be a serious disruption and will enable a lot of ‘I-do-not-have-mac’ programmers to start building iOS apps. Also, you should be able embed the apps on blogs as well.

So far, 32,000 challenges have been attempted on the site and 1,710 projects have been created.

If you compare Programr with Silicon valley based CodeAcademy (has raised $2.5mn funding), Programr does score an edge in terms of the total number of languages support – i.e. 12 + languages and platforms vs. CodeAcademy’s 3 (Javascript, Ruby, Python).

The business model for Programr is centered around certification and providing SAAS based service to institutes (as a replacement of their computer labs) and one can even buy online courses.  Plus, the team offers the solution to tech book publishers such that they need not give a CD along with every book. “They can now simply put a “Try it out now” link below every example in their book using which the book reader can try the example live right while reading the book [Programr team].

An ambitious startup, for sure – though, I would strongly recommend the team to look at building a global business (they already have built a great piece of technology) and also improve on user experience.

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