Create Instant App Demos With Demonstrate App


Create Instant App Demos With Demonstrate App

NFN Labs, the app development company based out of Chennai, has launched Demonstrate, an iOS app that will help users create app demos with native transitions without writing any code.

The company developed the app in-house, initially to show their clients how an app would look like before they actually made the application. “What started out as an app for our professional needs ended up having wider implications. Hence, we decided to make the app publicly available,” the company said.

How it Works

With the app, developers and designers will be able to import designs, link screens, select transitions, play like a native app and share your project with others. Camera roll and Dropbox integrated into the app to make it easy to import images and screenshots to the app.

After importing the screens hotspots, clickable regions on a screen, can be added for users to transition to the next screen. The app comes with the most commonly used transitions available on iOS. The company will be adding more transitions with future updates.

With these steps completed, users can now play the app demo created in a full-screen mode, allowing them to visually experience the look and feel of the app in a native running condition.Demonstrate

The created demo can now be exported or shared via Dropbox or iTunes as an editable file or play-only file.

A play-only file will open full screen when you share it with anyone and the exported files would be accessible with Demonstrate app.

The free version of the app will allow up to six screens and one project with all it’s features. The full-version of the app would be available for Rs 270/month ($4.99/month) and have unlimited projects and screens.

Some of the other apps that provide similar functionality include AppCooker, POP, Flinto, MockUps.

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